Let's fight COVID-19 together! Help us spread the word! And, of course, feel free to join all of the below activities. Please keep in mind they're addressed to Spanish-speaking targets.

They've launched two sites that encompass fundraising campaigns for both NGOs actively working to contain the effects of coronavirus and food banks.


They offer customized mentoring on process adaptation, effective meeting, remote team sync, improvement implementation and more.

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This context requires digital technical knowledge, so Ada offers free webinars to introduce women to front-end and back-end coding.

We have launched a regional campaign to raise awareness on the importance of home-made face masks and how to make them so as to prevent coronavirus from further spreading.

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They've built a list of digital tools to help NGOs migrate to remote work and have also organized weekly virtual Meetups to display different tools and answer live questions.

They've also developed Caminos de la Villa-COVID, a collaborative web platform that enables mapping and updating the main issues people living in Buenos Aires slums face so as to provide them with useful information.


They's launched a landing page within their platform to encompass every petition related to coronavirus in Argentina so as to highlight them and generate more victories faster.


COVID-19 impact sales are being held in their platform, easily connecting companies with social inicitives.